The Crew

Benjamin Sapp

Web Developer, Owner

Ben runs the place and handles the programming. He's one of those technical-artistic types. He's a left handed artist, and although he may do everything backwards, he's still a perfectionist. Ben for the most part is self-trained in web design, learning it in books and in practice. He has over 6 years of experience working in the IT field, and over 3 years of experience making websites.

When he isn't working with computers or making art, he's probably out snowboarding or playing hockey.

Alex Bogolepov


Alex brings a trained artistic influence to our larger projects. He's a photographer, visual arts enthusiast, and Photoshop addict who journeyed to the States from his native Russia in 2003. A recent graduate from the University of Alaska Southeast, Alex enjoys spending his days creatively (as of current he is making kites and mastering Rubik's cube skills).

When not busy with his share of Sappworks, Alex enjoys meditation, long distance biking, and travel. You can check out his photographic work at